About Us

Welcome to Buddy Cat Products!

My name is Nancy Darling. I started Buddy Cat in 2001 to help more lost pets find their way home. I started this company because I passionately love my pets and would do just about anything to keep them safe.

We are a small company that is dedicated to making it easy for cat owners to put a visible ID tag on their pets. Buddy Cat provides reasonably priced, high quality safety collars and a "cat friendly" ID tag, named the Buddy Tag. The Buddy Tag is a non-hanging, lightweight ID tag that eliminates the safety hazard of hanging ID tags. We are happy to say there are now thousands of cats safely wearing the Buddy Tag!

Our goal is to make it easy for independent pet stores to carry Buddy Cat Products. We offer great prices, easy terms, and a 100% guarantee. Always!

Thank you for visiting us. By working together, we can reduce the number of lost pets. Give us a call or send us an e-mail.


Nancy Darling, Owner

Buddy Cat